Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Mon Jun 27 12:09:10 CDT 2005

There are server upgrades that will hopefully come in the next few
months that will upgrade a lot of the libraries and software on the
appdb machine.  This will let us use the latest version of GD.  Afaik
this is the only think holding up our use of the newer GD.

Jeremy, any update on when the server is getting an upgrade?  Anything
we can do to speed this up?


On 6/27/05, Mitchell Mebane <mmebane at> wrote:
>  Hi,
>  My Summer of Code proposal to work on the AppDB wasn't accepted, but I
> still wish to do some of the things I listed.
>  Anyway, I was looking at the code for image handling, and I see it is
> written for GD 1. Thus, any image which has to be resized gets cut down to
> 256 colors, and is simply resized instead of being resampled, which makes
> the image blocky.
>  According to the PHP manual, these better functions require PHP 4.0.6 and
> GD 2.0.1 or higher. Is the AppDB server really running such an old version
> of PHP that this is required?
>  --Mitchell Mebane
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