MSHTML and spyware

Jacek Caban jack at
Tue Jun 28 09:09:54 CDT 2005


Scott Ritchie wrote:

>While poking around the forums today I discovered that some windows
>sysadmins disable permissions for mshtml.dll as a sort of hack to
>prevent spyware infestation due to problems with Internet Explorer.
>There's some work being done on mshtml now - if we are coding a truly
>drop-in replacement using Mozilla, would it be possible for these
>sysadmins to use the Wine version instead?
>That would be pretty nifty.
>Scott Ritchie
It sounds like a great idea! And yes, it should be possible.
I've sent a patch to wine-devel that makes IE working with
windows Gecko:
Although I'm working on support for Linux version (now I'm
waiting for Alexandre with XEmbed support and I have almost
completed it), I'm planning to keep support for Windows
version (I hope ifdefs are acceptable here). I haven't
tested mshtml on Windows, only under Wine, but I'll do so
and check how well it will work. Current version should
work as well, but instead of showing HTML it would show
"HTML rendering is currently disabled" text. To make it
really usable, it needs more implementation but, someday,
(hopefully in near future) it will be.


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