Anybody looking for a pet Wine project?

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Jun 30 03:16:20 CDT 2005

Hi All,

If anybody is looking for a small project, I've got just the thing for you!

hh.exe and hhctrl.ocx are two components of the Microsoft HTML help 
engine.  hh.exe is a small wrapper around hhctrl.ocx, which is the HTML 
help viewer.

hhctrl.ocx embeds IE and feeds it HTML documents decoded from .chm files 
with itss.dll (the Infotech storage system).  Implementing hhctrl.ocx 
would make an excellent test case for IE embedding that Jacek is working 
on, and for itss.dll.

So most of the components are already in place (or will be soon) to make 
HTML help work... any takers to fill in the dots?

The reward is, like most of Wine code, to say "I made that work" :)

Let me know if you're interested.


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