Question about deadlock in winmm

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Thu Jun 30 09:20:39 CDT 2005

Lately I'm seeing a lot of deadlocks in wine's sound system. Most notably
winealsa. But the code in question affects all (in my case oss since it's
working better for me then others).

I'm not sure what exactly happens (deadlock because of race condition or else)
but code bellow deadlocks with other heap functions (like GetHeap). Removing
HeapValidate didn't cause any problems for as of yet. And I haven't seen a
single deadlock here at all.

Is there are reasons we perform this heap validation here? Could someone comment
on this?

If someone interested I could reproduce backtrace of the deadlock.

Best regards,

Index: dlls/winmm/lolvldrv.c
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/dlls/winmm/lolvldrv.c,v
retrieving revision 1.68
diff -u -p -r1.68 lolvldrv.c
--- dlls/winmm/lolvldrv.c       22 Jun 2005 11:59:43 -0000      1.68
+++ dlls/winmm/lolvldrv.c       29 Jun 2005 14:54:42 -0000
@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ LPWINE_MLD  MMDRV_Get(HANDLE _hndl, UINT
            hndl = hndl & ~0x8000;
            if (hndl < sizeof(MM_MLDrvs) / sizeof(MM_MLDrvs[0])) {
                mld = MM_MLDrvs[hndl];
-               if (!mld || !HeapValidate(GetProcessHeap(), 0, mld) || mld->type != type)
+               if (!mld || mld->type != type)
                    mld = NULL;
            hndl = hndl | 0x8000;

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