Regression in Rebar

Robert Shearman rob at
Tue Mar 1 13:43:46 CST 2005

Maxime Bellengé wrote:

>>Maxime Bellengé wrote:
>>>This patch is causing a regression in emule, the rebar simply does not
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand hwnd=0x1003a: color=ffffffff/ffffffff, bands=1, rows=1, cSize=1280,112
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand hwnd=0x1003a: flags=00000000, dragStart=0,0, dragNow=0,0, iGrabbedBand=-1
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand hwnd=0x1003a: style=56002441, I'm Unicode=TRUE, notify in Unicode=TRUE, redraw=TRUE
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: ID=0 child=0x10038
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: style=0x00000301 (RBBS_BREAK | RBBS_NOGRIPPER)
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: uMinH=55 xHeader=0 cx=856 xIdeal=856
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: xMin=55, yMin=55, yChild=0, yMax=0, yIntgl=0
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: lcx=55, ccx=856, hcx=856, lcy=55, ccy=55, hcy=0, offChild=0,0
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: fStatus=00000000, fDraw=00000320, Band=(0,57)-(1280,112), Grip=(0,57)-(0,112)
>>trace:rebar:REBAR_DumpBand band # 0: Img=(0,57)-(0,112), Txt=(0,58)-(0,111), Child=(0,57)-(1280,112)

According to the log, it should be being displayed. The band covers the 
area of (0, 57)-(1280,112) and further down in the log it shows that it 
is getting hittest messages so the control should have some height.
Are you sure it was my patch to rebar that broke the displaying of it? 
Can you send a screenshot?
I saw one issue when looking through the code again, so you can try the 
attached patch but I doubt it will make much difference.

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