vartest.c - major pain in the build process

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Mar 2 04:44:27 CST 2005

"Ivan Leo Puoti" <ivanleo at> wrote:

>   > In order to see what tests are affected by desktop visibility and which don't
> > you have to run in both modes and compare the results. Why do it twice if it
> > can be avoided? Right now any failure in the tests can be attributed to the
> > desktop visibility, and until it's fixed nobody is going to fix the tests.
> You should email the guy who maintains winrash :-)

First of all that should be a collective request, not just a single voice
in the dark. And I believe it should be a Wine test site maintainers
responsibility (it's WineHQ web space after all), winrash has no direct
relationship to Wine development since it's not in the Wine CVS.


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