wine-user.pdf feedback 2

Dan W. danw at
Wed Mar 2 02:39:54 CST 2005

Okay, now I found what I think is a more serious missing piece of info in wine-user.pdf.

In page 20, last paragraph, it says one can start off by modifying the sample config file,
which "can be found in the directory 'documentation/samples'...

Problem is, I did a file search for 'documentation', and I get like 10 pages of hits
I did a file search for samples, and same thing, or worse.
In both cases I went through all those instances visually scanning for 'wine' or 'config'
and found nothing at all. I know I ought to have the sources somewhere, because when I
installed fc2, I said "install everything", and that included sources; but I have no idea
where to look for the wine documentation folder.

I have to give up on it for now. Far past my bedtime by now, anyways.. ;-)

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