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Hiji hijinio at
Wed Mar 2 17:29:57 CST 2005

> In my case, though, combining a high IQ and being a
> complete helpless
> newbie to Linux, is a powerful combination that
> produces questions out
> of nowhere. In the chapter about installing and
> un-installing, one small
> detail got left out: "How does one KNOW whether wine
> is installed, and
> if so what version it is?" I'm sure it must sound
> like typical newbie
> crap questions to you, but to me it's a solid and
> tangible one. Well, I
> do know that I do have wine installed, because when
> I installed Fedora
> Core 2, I said "install everything". Besides, I
> tried..
>  "wine /mnt/C/windows/notepad.exe" and it worked!!!!
> *snip*

You're definately right; some of the documentation
needs to be updated, improved, or more generally
geared towards complete newbies.  In all fairness, a
little over a year ago, I was a complete Linux newbie,
and Wine was the first application I ever installed
(compiled from source) and ran on Linux. :)  Of
course, it took some reading of the documentation, and
some educated guessing, but it was possible.

In any case, I don't know who currently maintains the
documentation, but you sound like you have some great
ideas to contribute to it.  I encourage you to get
involved. :)


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