installshield and Wine

Sijmen Mulder sjmulder at
Thu Mar 3 03:23:30 CST 2005

wino at wrote:

> What is the current state of play?
> It seems that InstallShield is pretty much and essential element in a  
> working Wine env. But I tried to install Dragon NS 7 yesterday and it 
> hung  completely with a system wide modal in the middle of the screen.
> I had to kill the parent.
> There has been some regressions in Wine recently it seems , what would 
> be  the best wine version to install to get around this issue.?
> Thanks.
Same here. I was trying to install the Empire Earth 2 demo, just for 
fun, but the installer bailed out with an error message.

Thanks to whoever has some info,
Sijmen Mulder

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