Printing in Wine (using "ttydrv" device)...

Juergen Hammelmann j.hammelmann at
Thu Mar 3 01:30:42 CST 2005

Hi All,

we are developing a windows/wine app for automation of MS Word (serial
printing in background to PS files with the WINEPS driver on SuSE 9.2
platform, wine-20050211).

We want to run this application and Word in background as server, no
graphical output should occur in this environment, we don't like to install
a X11-/VNC-Server on the server:

Using "ttydrv" device I found out that all graphical output is disabled  
and wine can run without a X11 Server / VNC Server, this is prefered:
but here graphical output of printing is disabled, too! The PS files    
created are blank! Is there any way to configure functioning printing  
with "ttydrv" device?

Ferenc Wagner told me, that printing and graphical output is done through
GDI both, so ttydrv as GDI backend disable this all!? Is this the right
explanation? Is there any way to enable this for printing again?

Best Regards, Jürgen

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