any way to unlink the symbolic link, not its target?

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu Mar 3 13:53:46 CST 2005


I'm using wine to cross compile projects using vc7.1 from a software 
configuration tool called aegis ( I'm maintaining a 
symlinked baseline with source and derived (.obj, .exe, .pdb) files in it. A 
change only has copies of changed files.

So, when the compiler tries to output something, it first tries to unlink the 
file. But that won't work as wine tries to unlink target of the symlink, 
instead of the symlink itself.

Is there any switch somewhere to revert to deleting the symbolic links, or if 
not -- what source file should I look into to patch that?

Thanks a lot,
Kuba Ober

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