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Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Mar 3 20:05:29 CST 2005

Le mer 02/03/2005 à 03:39, Dan W. a écrit :
> Okay, now I found what I think is a more serious missing piece of info in wine-user.pdf.
> In page 20, last paragraph, it says one can start off by modifying the sample config file,
> which "can be found in the directory 'documentation/samples'...
> Problem is, I did a file search for 'documentation', and I get like 10 pages of hits
> I did a file search for samples, and same thing, or worse.
> In both cases I went through all those instances visually scanning for 'wine' or 'config'
> and found nothing at all. I know I ought to have the sources somewhere, because when I
> installed fc2, I said "install everything", and that included sources; but I have no idea
> where to look for the wine documentation folder.

The User Guide refers to the directory layout of the source tarball, not
what's installed on your computer (because depending on how/from where
you installed, that'll be different). The FC2 Wine packages have the 

What I'm surprised about is that you had Wine installed from straight
FC2. It's not supposed to be included in the base distribution, it's not
even in Extras (last time I checked). But there are some Wine packages
for FC2 (see

In your other email, you were saying part of Wine was under
/usr/local... It looks more like an installation from source than a FC2
rpm to me.


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