Drive detection stuff

Holly Bostick motub at
Fri Mar 4 08:52:17 CST 2005

Andreas Mohr wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 01:57:55PM +0100, Holly Bostick wrote:

>>Speaking of free disk space detection.... I have had it happen with at 
>>least 2 different programs (I can document more fully, just not this 
>>second) that if I have a 20 GB partition ("games", 6GB free) mounted in 
>>my home directory (/home/holly/games, but /home itself has only a few 
>>hundred MB free), and try to install an app to Y:\games\app_name, I get 
>>a warning (or in one case a stop) that there is not enough drive space 
>>to install the app because there is not enough space on Y:\ (i.e., in 
>>/home), but there is, in reality, enough space in Y:\games (i.e., in the 
>>mounted partition). 
> It really cannot be solved by anything else other than the end user,
> by creating a new drive mapping for the specially spacey sub directory.
> Again, drive mapping focuses on the space properties of the partition
> containing the root directory of the mapping, since this very drive letter
> is the only reference point of windows programs.
> It wouldn't even make sense to let Wine *manually* (i.e. very wasteful
> operation!) figure out the combined disk space of the sub directories
> beyond a drive mapping and advertise the combined space to Windows programs,
> since then you give a free space of 60GB for /home/holly, whereas the program
> will die a HORRIBLE death if it then boldly goes on with installing a
> 50GB game in /home/holly/install_dir...
> If you have further mount points below another drive, then the user DOES
> need to advertise this as another drive letter mapping to let Windows
> programs know about it properly without any opportunities for failure.
> Andreas Mohr

Fair enough (if unfortunate). I guess this is one of the Linux 
advantages that cannot be munged so that Windows programs can make use 
of it :-( .

Oh, well, another addition to my "To-do" list, then; make a note of this 
for documentation patch purposes. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who 
might get caught by this unexpectedly.

Thanks for explaining.


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