Account for permissions on Win2k - dlls/advapi32/tests/security.c

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Fri Mar 4 11:15:16 CST 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 17:09, Jakob Eriksson wrote:
> If we dont have permissions, we don't...
> Weirdly, Win2k does not recognize the last two, number 28 and 29.
> Evidence:
It only fails for 1 w2k btw. The other 2 succeed, so it doesn't look
like a general w2k problem.

Couldn't it be a certain version of the dll? I've had the same issues
with shlwapi/registry. Although the majority succeeds now, some 'old'
dll's will still fail.

Could it be an idea, to have every test (at least 1 in a dll test) tell
the version of the tested dll? Or have a test within every dll that does
exactly this (version checking).



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