Drive detection stuff

Jacek Caban jack at
Fri Mar 4 12:16:54 CST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

>3) The artwork in the file pickers sucks ass. Sorry, it does. It's ugly as 
>   sin and for some reason the Desktop icon is an arrow, not a desk.
>   This doesn't matter when you only have C: and Z: drives. It does matter
>   when you have 2 CD drives, 2 Windows drives, a floppy and a few other
>   drives.
>   Fixing this is theoretically easy but for some reason it never gets
>   done. If any of you non-coders are reading this and want to contribute
>   then this would be a good way to start. Good artwork already exists,
>   it's just a case of finding it, converting it to the right format and
>   getting the new bitmaps into CVS.
I know two (maybe there are more) projects that have done really
nice artwork: xpde ( and kde xp style
( The main problem
is that both have GPL licence, but we could ask authors to let us use them
in Wine. Their icons are really cool and I belive Wine would look much
better with them.

>thanks -mike

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