building programs

Rob D rddone at
Fri Mar 4 18:41:56 CST 2005

Is it the spec file that determines whether wine looks for main or WinMain?

The only info about spec files I could find was on page 20 of the winelib 
guide (section 3.4.2), it says that it is very outdated and doesnt 
currently describe winebuild and spec files.
Besides that, it doesnt have enough information about what to call the 
file, or how to link it into my project.

Im thinking that this is why Im getting an unresolved reference to main 
when I compile using winelib.

Maybe not, since earlier in the document, it implies that winemaker 
performs all the steps required for make to build an executable.

This is all I need to get my half a million lines of code to run on Solaris.

Thanks in advance for any help
Rob Done

At 11:19 AM 3/3/2005, Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
>I've got the impression that during program building (clock, notepad etc.) 
>a spec file for them
>is created on the fly, can someone confirm/dispute this?

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