Dragon Naturally Speaking - working.

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Sat Mar 5 03:15:51 CST 2005

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 02:51:44 +0100, <wino at piments.com> wrote:

> Good news and what looks like a first.
> Dragon Naturally Speaking 4 working under Wine.
> =======================================
> reqd riched32 and comdlg32 native from 98SE
> Gentoo Linux , 2.6.10-nitro4 kernel
> wine-20050111
> Fresh Wine installation
> installed IE6 using sidenet
> Install Dragon from CD no major issues.
> copy missing dll's
> ran up Dragon , enter user name , setup sticks at setting mike level but  
> exits cleanly.
> #wine gentrain.exe
> picks up user name , dictated training text .
> It saves the vocab/voix profiles the drops out with 3 repeat errors but  
> the profile is safe
> #wine natspeak.exe
> Can now dictate in stand-alone mode as in windoze.
> I now need some help with the guts of Wine to see if I can capture the  
> keystrokes output by Dragon and pipe it to another Linux thread.
> Any suggestions on that?
> TIA :)
OK , solid progress here.  I now have NS7 prefered installed.

Steps needed : wine-cvs (20050305 9am CET) on top of wine20050211
  WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole32,oleaut32,rpcrt4=n" wine setup.exe

Setup complete without errors.

Dragon NS required riched20.dll , that copy from win98SE CD was deemed too  
old , prog closed cleanly.
copied riched32.dll and riched20.dll from win2k , this worked.

I again hit the error with setting sound levels as I did with V4, I now  

  fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  
fixme:keyboard:UnregisterHotKey (0x10080,1): stub
fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  
fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  

This prevents Dragon from initialising the user.

Gentrain.exe is now gentrain.dll so I cant use the nice little work around  
I found last time

This should not be a major problem but I need another way round . The mike  
level is correctly set, I jsut need to convince NS not  to try to mess  
with it.

Any suggestions?


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