dbghelp problem

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 6 03:34:05 CST 2005

Robert Reif a écrit :
> I can't get a stack trace with symbol information from an
> exe file and tracked the problem down to this.
> dbghelp tries to load the symbols for the executable file
> by looking up the file name without the .exe extension and
> fails because the file is not found.  This patch adds the
> .exe back on to the file name and tries to look it up again
> before failing.
> I doubt this is the right solution but it works for me.
How SymLoadModule has been called ? is it winedbg or an ad hoc program (or set 
of functions in the exec) ?
It seems it's called with a module name (not an image path name), and we have to 
know where it comes from.

Eric Pouech

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