Picasa2- slideshow mode fixes [patch #1]

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Sun Mar 6 00:02:23 CST 2005

I've been trying to get the slideshow mode in Picasa2 to work, but it 
seems like it's relying on IDirectDrawSurface->Lock() to return 
DDERR_SURFACEBUSY if the surface is already locked.  If this call 
doesn't return the error, it seems to keep hammering the function until 
it does.  It then proceeds to hit a stack overflow condition somehow and 
dies.  :)

I think it's a bug in Picasa, but my ddraw-surface-lock.diff patch in 
wine-patches fixes this behaviour (but not the feature, unfortunately).

Note that now the slideshow mode now just terminates without error. 
I'll keep on looking to see what's happening.


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