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Sun Mar 6 11:36:48 CST 2005

Le sam 05/03/2005 à 16:17, Rob D a écrit :
> I have attached 2 Makefiles that give me the unresolved main error on 
> Solaris10.
> AEP Makefile is supposed to make an executable from a few files and some 
> libraries.

Now I've had time to look at this one.
I simplified it a bit (only kept ../netclient/netclient.a and main.cpp),
and did the same thing about paths.

Again, I've attached the main.cpp file (Main.rc is empty).

Here's the output:
winebuild -o aep.exe.dbg.c --debug -C.  main.cpp.o aep
winegcc -c   -I.   -o aep.exe.dbg.o aep.exe.dbg.c
wineg++ -c   -I.   -o main.o main.cpp
wrc   -I.   -foMain.res Main.rc
wineg++ -mwindows  -o  main.o Main.res aep.exe.dbg.o 
../netclient/netclient.a -lodbc32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -lwinspool -lws2_32
-lcomctl32 -luuid

The resulting does run correctly, showing 12 in a MessageBox.

Could you also try with the same files on your end, and report if it

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