[winedbg] Get expressions working again.

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 11:49:06 CST 2005

> > - in type_get_info, extend the types supported by
> also searching the lookup table for the pointers
> type.
> > the lookup table should contain pointee type and
> module of pointee. You could also extend step 1 by
> not adding a pointer that already exists.
> > A+
> does the attached (and quickly hacked) patch help ?
> A+

Thanks, that's more-or-less what I tought you meant,
I'm upgrading gcc and trying to merge in the DirectX9
first (which is why I didn't have time to rework and
test the implementation) and I've got a load of
non-wine related code to sort out upload to my website
after that.

   I'll put together an implementation with a sorted
list, binary search and no duplicates at some point
(unless someone gets there first), but I can  send in
a patch to display the variable names HeapAlloc'd
later on today since it's easy and doesn't require
much testing.

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