[HELP] Quartz and FFMpeg question

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 6 14:42:41 CST 2005


I'm working on a video wrapper around libavcodec from FFMpeg.
Currently I can play rle, msvideo1 and mjpeg movies.
But before submitting anything I must handle the dependency with 
libavcodec (and maybe libavformat
in the future).
AFAIK there is no stable API so we need to incorporate FFMpeg source 
code into the wine tree
and update it whenever it's needed.
The difficulty here is to add these sources to the build process.

There are several solutions :
- reuse all FFMpeg build process (configure & makefile) or part of it 
(makefile only)
- add all necessary files in the quartz makefile with slight 
modifications to FFMpeg
  sources (IIRC it's what was done in previous quartz code)

Currently I use the second solution with all optimizations disabled.
This is a bit hackish and not that portable I guess.
Enabling optimizations and portability requires using our config.h in 
FFMpeg sources
but also adding additionnal files depending on the platform which 
complicate things a bit.

I'm not a makefile and autoconf expert and before digging deeper I would 
like some advices.

Thansk in advance.


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