help wanted - testing "stuck Alt" patch

Krzysztof Foltman kfoltman at
Sun Mar 6 16:45:21 CST 2005

A few days ago I've sent this small patch to wine-patches:

It's supposed to fix the long-existing (and annoying) problem where 
switching windows with Alt+TAB caused accelerator keys to work 
improperly (ie. pressing Ctrl+A was misrecognized as Ctrl+Alt+A).

The patch seems to do its job (accelerator keys still work correctly 
after reactivating the app's window). However, I don't have many 
different configurations to test it.

It would be nice if someone else applied it and tested if I haven't 
introduced a regression with this patch (it is possible, considering 
that it affects basic window management code used in all the GUI 
applications), and if it did the job.

Any testing would be very helpful, regardless of whether the Alt+TAB 
problem existed on the particular machine or not. Although some people 
said that Alt+TAB problem doesn't exist in their configuration, I 
suspect that the problem is related to the particular usage patterns, 
and not configurations.

Thanks in advance,

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