Suggestion For Wine Loader

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Mar 7 00:00:13 CST 2005

Jason Couture wrote:
> How hard would it be to introduce a "Re-Compiler" instead of an 
> interpreter? To convert PE -> ELF without having the source. The output 
> would not have to be a user runnable file maybe just a cache? Possiable 
> Speed up? To avoid copyright issues maybe the elf could require the pe 
> to run? In my experience JIT Compiling or interpreting is much slower 
> than a recompiled program... Let me know what you people think.

Wine is not an interpreter or a JIT compiler.  It is a binary loader, so 
it loads a Windows program into memory, and jumps to the start address. 
  The program itself will run exactly the same way as on a Windows 
machine, expect for the times when it calls an API function in a 
"builtin" or Wine implemented DLL.


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