Voodoo3, Banshee and D3D

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Mon Mar 7 17:44:26 CST 2005

> Both wined3d/directx.c and d3d8/directx.c have an IWineD3DImpl_CreateDevice
> that includes the following call:
> In effect this prevents WINE from using the Voodoo3 for 3D rendering. Not
> only does this make D3D games intolerably slow (forget measuring FPS -
> start measuring FPM or worse), the result for many operations is just plain
> wrong.
> Commenting out the offending line makes it work much better (at least until
> it hits one of the other problems), but with a list of software fallbacks
> this large, and given that the Voodoo3 is over 5 years old now, there must
> be some question as to whether this is worth fixing. Is the response to
> people with this problem "just go pick up an old GeForce card for $30"?


Commenting this line is not a solution.
D3D8 default behavior have this mode enabled.
what we can do is to disable it on older hardware (when we be able to have a 
proper hardware detection)

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