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Andreas Mohr andi at
Tue Mar 8 02:46:07 CST 2005


On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 11:01:49PM +0000, Rob D wrote:
> Thank you VERY much. I changed alot of things, including reinstalling 
> Debian to get rid of 3 different source installs, and some gcc tweaks I 
> had done before I learned muc about it, but I am sure the suggestions you 
> gave resulted in perfectly clean builds on Debian Sarge. After some 
> tweaking of my source code, and reformatting of some text mode data files, 
> I was able to get my half a million lines of code to run more than well 
> enough for my presentation. I have renewed confidence in the Wine project 
> now.
Reinstalling Debian!?
Boy, I haven't done that in 9 years!

There are tools like cruft or others to deal with indicating which parts
aren't coming from a package, or tools to register source-installed
files properly (the name of such tools escapes me).
But OTOH this might still be too much work to figure out in case of a
thoroughly source-installed (read: messed-up ;-) system.

> I am still having a few issues with compiling on Solaris, but they are 
> probably just environment related, and my main issue of getting my 
> presentation by today was VERY successful and will probably result in 
> migrating our entire development team off the dreadful Windows platform!!!
Congrats on that one!

> I dont know how much help Ill be able to contribute to this list right 
> away, since I have very little Linux/Unix experience, but I should be able 
> to help with issues that come up on the list that require intricate 
> knowledge of Windows API, since I have been programming on the "Dark Side" 
> for over a decade now.
To be fair, that probably doesn't matter too much.
The main point is that you can continue here, whether you contribute very much
or a little is less important than that IMHO.
Still, all contributions welcome :)

Andreas Mohr

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