ScrollDC fixes.

Rein Klazes wijn at
Tue Mar 8 03:44:37 CST 2005

On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 09:53:07 +0100, I wrote:

> Hmm, this is about pixels that are copied from the outside of the
> visible region to the inside (that area will be invalidated and
> repainted if called through ScrollWindowEx, but with noticeable
> flickering and there might be direct uses of ScrollDC with worse
> effects).
> Since the visible region did not work, I did not try adding an extra
> clip region. Indeed, adding: "SelectClipRgn( hdc, visrgn);" does not
> help at all.
> Can the real bug perhaps be in BitBlt?

Don't mind, I see what you mean. I have to subtract the destination
region of those pixels and then clip.


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