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Holly Bostick motub at
Tue Mar 8 08:38:11 CST 2005

Tom Wickline wrote:
> Title: Ham and Wine go well together
> Link:
> By: Joe Barr
> <snip>
> Everything I read said "this is what you want." But of course it
> isn't, because I don't run Windows. It was just about this time that
> the news about Microsoft blocking users running Wine from downloading
> updates and tools from their site began to spread. All the sudden I
> wondered -- if Wine is good enough to have Microsoft blocking it,
> could it run CwGet?
> </snip>
> All I have to say is "Thank You Microsoft" for the press :-)
> Tom

Thanks for the heads-up, Tom; I posted a comment requesting that he add 
the app to the appdb, and consider becoming a maintainer. :-D

Second time in two days I've posted somewhere about "look at Wine 
*now*!" issues: just yesterday, someone suggested I report my success 
with running the Neverwinter Nights Toolset under Wine to 
*Transgaming*(!!!!), which I had to correct (lol). There seems to be a 
fair amount of misinformation or outdated information/opinions about 
Wine in the general user mindset.

The nice thing is, though.... if you read the comments on NF and in the 
thread on the Players Resource Consortium page where I mentioned running 
the NWN Toolset under Wine ( , if you're 
interested; issue was completely unrelated to Wine, in fact I couldn't 
have solved it without Wine), there are not a whole bunch of "Wine? We 
don't need no stinkin' Wine!!" posts like I used to see in the past 
whenever Wine was mentioned. Heck, it's nice even to see a short article 
saying "I got an app to work under Wine" on NF, like that's not only 
"news", but "OK to say".

It hasn't always been. It's starting to look like Wine isn't a dirty 
word anymore. Which is stupendous to see happening just about the time 
Wine is getting pretty doggone good :-D .

I suspect we're going to be seeing a lot more of these,"Hey!! WINE 
actually works!!" articles in the near future. I'm looking forward to it.


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