avicap32 patch

luis lenders lgvlenders at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 00:55:02 CST 2005


That patch won't work. You forgot to include the
changes in the headers in vfw.h I've sent you, e.g.

#define WM_CAP_START                    WM_USER
#define WM_CAP_UNICODE_START            (WM_USER +100)
and the macros

#define capDriverConnect(hwnd, index)
SendMessage((hwnd), WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, (index, 0))
etcetera etcetera

furthermore all the v4l stuff has to go into a
seperate driver file i think, as wine is also supposed
to run on non-Linux distributions.

this line in avicap_main : window = CreateWindowExW
etc. and the registering of the window contains a lot
of crap; i just copied it from a site somewhere on the
internet. It was just to get a handle to the window 
Somehow the dwstyle has to get passed on, and few
other things.

Futhermore: no need to link to -lpng -ljpeg and
-lnetpbm; they're not needed anymore in the code i've
sent you. Better think, get more info and be more
carefull before you send in a patch i think.

Anyway, i smashed together some code with which i can 

grab an image from my cam, and save it as a DIB
(capFileSaveDIB). also 
i wrote something for cappreview, which looks as if it
would be easy to get it running. if someone's
interested i could send you the code. Now my question
is: maybe one of the developers could just
help/hint/write the Capcreatecapturewindow part (that
seems to me a very little job), then anyone who wants
could try to write a macro; just a thought of me, any
thoughts from someone else?


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