[winecfg] Audio device selection

Robert Reif reif at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 8 18:21:50 CST 2005

Paul van Schayck wrote:

>On 07 Mar 2005 16:16:25 +0100, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org> wrote:
>>Paul van Schayck <polleke at gmail.com> writes:
>>>This is a resend. Patch was rejected probably because we don't want
>>>this kind of settings in winecfg. Let me explain myself closer.
>>>The patch allows the alsa audio device to be changed from audio tab.
>>>It will just use default otherwise. Which is just fine for most users.
>>The main problem is that this option is completely obscure; what are
>>you supposed to enter in there?  It should be a drop down listing
>>possible devices.
>ALSA formed device names like 'plug:dmix' or 'hw:1,1'. Agreed, obscure.
>I've tried getting the device name with DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE. That
>works. I will get things like "wineoss: duplex" returned (with wine
>set to alsa).
>Robert are you referring to this?
If you look at it from a windows perspective, you would do a 
waveOutGetNumDevs and
iterate over the devices doing a waveOutGetDevCaps to get the device 
name.  One of those
devices would be the preferred device and somehow windows sets that.  
You can do a
waveOutMessage with DRVM_MAPPER_PREFERRED_GET to get that device.  You
can currently get the number of devices and iterate over them using the 
OSS driver.  We
don't have a way of specifying which is the preferred one.  You can 
specify it in Direct
Sound but that doesn't apply to the wave device.

The ALSA driver is another issue.  It only supports a single device and 
you have to
specify it manually.  You also have to specify how you want to open it 
using the device
name  plug:dmix or hw and also specify which sound card if there is more 
than one. 
This doesn't map well to the windows way of doing things.

I'm not sure what the best solution for this is because they are really 
different problems.
Throwing in the other drivers complicates matters even more.  It would 
be nice to solve
this problem in a driver independent way.

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