AppDB: Escaping / new-line problems

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Wed Mar 9 05:28:39 CST 2005

This was caused when we switched from plain (and addslashed) text to

I and other have cleaned up a lot of entries already. If you are
interested to help, please contact me.



Le mercredi 09 mars 2005 à 01:17 +0100, Francois Gouget a écrit :
> A lot of AppDB entries have broken escaping and some even seem to have 
> only one line. That greatly reduces their readability. Not sure if this 
> is because the formatting was lost over the years. Hopefully it can be 
> fixed in one go for all entries. Otherwise we'll have a big AppDB 
> janitorial cleanup task...
> Here are some examples:
>   * Gepasi
>     Lots of backslashes, quotes are escaped. Appears to be all on one 
> line.
>   * StreetChaves
>     Quotes and single-quotes are escaped. All on one line
>   * Neverwinter Nights
>     Single-quotes are escaped.

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