[HELP] Quartz and FFMpeg question

Joerg Mayer jmayer at loplof.de
Wed Mar 9 15:06:01 CST 2005

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 06:33:44PM +0100, Christian Costa wrote:
> > IIRC this third-party repository contains both the libavcodec package 
> > and the mplayer package so I suspect the two are very closely tied 
> > together.
> > 
> Yup. CVS repository are also hosted on the same site, the mplayer's one.
> Building mplayer from CVS requires first to build FFMpeg from its CVS repository too.

The trick is to check out the ffmpeg cvs, move the libavcodec directory into the
top level mplayer cvs directory and add the following line to mplayers top
level CVS/Entries:
After that, libavcodec will be checked out automagically each time you do
a cvs up in mplayer.

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