Addition to winsock conformance test - select() server

Thomas Kho thomaskho at
Wed Mar 9 21:30:11 CST 2005


We're working to add conformance tests to winsock, and we've currently
added a test server that uses select(). Before we post to
wine-patches, we'd appreciate any critiques/input.

We ran gcov to see how much of dlls/winsock/socket.c we tested, and found:

37.14% of 1839 lines executed in file socket.c

After (select() server code):
41.16% of 1839 lines executed in file socket.c

We'd also appreciate other targets to test. Currently we plan to add
tests for sendto, recvfrom, and getservbyname.

Thanks for your help,

Thomas Kho

Files available at:

 * dlls/winsock/tests/sock.c
   added select_server() test that uses select() in serving clients
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