New uninstaller #1/3

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Mar 10 02:44:56 CST 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> Here is the new uninstaller.
> This is the first patch out of 3 of the new installer.
> Thanks to Dmitry Timoshkov for helping me a lot with my first win32 program.
> Changelog:
> - use dialog instead of window

Hey Jonathan,

Your patch is still quite big.  You've rewritten every function in 
uninstaller.c, as far as I can tell.  Is there any reason you need to do 
that to convert to using a dialog?

I think you may need to break it up even further to get it applied, but 
the final decision isn't mine.  I'd encourage you to write a patch that 
only converts the window to a dialog, and get that applied first.  When 
that is done, you can think about unicode conversion.


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