Make running tests on a visible desktop a mandatory requirement

jakov at jakov at
Thu Mar 10 05:40:31 CST 2005

>> +    if (!running_on_visible_desktop ()) {
>> +        report (R_ERROR, "Tests must be run on a visible desktop");
>> +        exit (2);
>> +    }
>> +
>>      /* initialize the revision information first */
>>      extract_rev_infos();
> Apart from the fact whether winrash should be 'fixed' or not, this patch
> doesn't seem to do what it is supposed to do. Put in other words the
> running_on_visible_desktop is not correct (enough).
> I've downloaded
> and ran it (interactively of course) on my win98 and win2000 box. It
> doesn't start and complains with the error (as in the patch) "Tests must
> be run on a visible desktop".

Dito for Windows XP. Just tested it too.

That, and why put up a dialog with "Tests must be run on a visible desktop"
when there shouldn't be any desktop to see the message. :-)


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