Segfault. Conformance Test/Patch in Cabinet.dll

Rizwan Kassim rizwank at
Thu Mar 10 19:04:26 CST 2005

A follow up to the cabinet patch we released before hand. It works
perfectly in windows/cl.

When its in the wine tree,  gcc doesn't like it as much.
cabinet_fdi.c: In function `TestCreate':
cabinet_fdi.c:263: warning: passing arg 3 of `FDICreate' from
incompatible pointer type

Running it = segfault.

WINEDEBUG=+all wine dlls/cabinet/tests/
results in the attached debug trace, which doesn't help (me) much.

Anyhow, point being, it works in Windows, dies in Wine, but I'm not
sure that its a Wine error.

Can anyone offer any suggestions/fixes?

Thank you,
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