Segfault. Conformance Test/Patch in Cabinet.dll

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Mar 10 20:34:48 CST 2005

Le jeu 10/03/2005 à 20:04, Rizwan Kassim a écrit :
> A follow up to the cabinet patch we released before hand. It works
> perfectly in windows/cl.
> When its in the wine tree,  gcc doesn't like it as much.
> cabinet_fdi.c: In function `TestCreate':
> cabinet_fdi.c:263: warning: passing arg 3 of `FDICreate' from
> incompatible pointer type

I guess tvfs_open should be defined as 
INT_PTR __cdecl tvfs_open(char *fname, int flags, int mode);
You might be able to keep the const char *, not sure. Or maybe it's the
const which poses problem.

Which one is the default if none is specified: cdecl or stdcall?

> Running it = segfault.

Might be caused by the calling convention of tvfs_open.

There's always the possibility that what I'm saying is nonsense, too.


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