winetest, winrash and new volunteers

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Sat Mar 12 03:43:32 CST 2005


as can be seen from the site the number of test-runs
dramatically dropped. Apart from the fact that there were problems with
the automated download of new tests by winrash:
winetest will not run but bail out because there is no visible desktop.

3 of the 5 (!) tests that are now there, where done by me. Where in a
'normal' case we should already have dozens.

I don't want to go into a discussion about the fact that 'running as a
service' and 'on a visible desktop' can/cannot live together properly.
Or why we should have 'visible' tests or not.

I just want to have as much tests run as possible. I mean that was the
whole idea behind it right?

An approach should be decided upon:

- Have (again) volunteers who run the winetest manually/interactively
- Use winrash and have every test decide whether it needs interactivity
- 'Fix' winrash so tests run, maybe semi-automated, on a visible desktop
- ....

An approach for the last is to have winrash fill in one of the 'run'
keys (as it does on win98 already during install).

I will be/stay a volunteer for the first approach until we decide what
to do.



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