Noteworthy Composer under WineDbg

Andrew Neil Ramage nrsc16850 at
Sat Mar 12 09:42:24 CST 2005

Further detail interspersed


Internal Virus Database corrupt

Andrew Neil Ramage wrote:
> I have been unable to find the reason Wine MIDI Mapper does not open 
> properly.  The trace below shows the output from winedbg with WINDEBUG 
> set to +all.  I hope someone can tell me what is going on.
> Andrew
> [andrew at zeus Default]$ set WINEDEBUG=+all
> [andrew at zeus Default]$ winedbg ~/.wine/drive_c/"Program 
> Files"/"NoteWorthy Composer"/NWC32.EXE
> WineDbg starting on pid 0xa
> In 32 bit mode.
> 0x404d7dbf start_process+0xcf 
> [/home/andrew/Download/Software/wine-20050211/dlls/kernel/../../include/winternl.h:1356] 
> in kernel32: jmp        0x404d7db5 start_process+0xc5 
> [/home/andrew/Download/Software/wine-20050211/dlls/kernel/process.c:1046] 
> in kernel32
> 1356    static inline void WINAPI DbgBreakPoint(void) { __asm__ 
> __volatile__("int3"); }
> Wine-dbg>next
> 1046            ExitProcess( entry( peb ) );
> Wine-dbg>next
Normal start of program - main window opens and tips dialog displayed
> err:thunk:_loadthunk (NWMID95B.DLT, thunkobj_ThunkData16, NWMID95B.DLL): 
> Unable to load 'NWMID95B.DLT', error 2
> fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_OpenDefaultPrinter Could not open printer 
> EPSONStylusC42?!
No such dialog is displayed

Load song file and press "Play".  NWC reports that the MIDI device is
not set up and asks if you want to open the fix the problem.
WineMIDI Mapper is selected, as the default midi mapper, but pressing OK
results in the same error message from Noteworthy.  Either pressing
Cancel or removing the Wine MIDI Mapper allows the dialog to close.
> fixme:mmtime:timeBeginPeriod Stub; we set our timer resolution at minimum
The notes on the display are highlighted as normal but no sound is

Quit application
> fixme:mmtime:timeEndPeriod Stub; we set our timer resolution at minimum
> Invalid address (0x404d7db8) for breakpoint 0, disabling it
> Process of pid=0x0000000a has terminated
> Wine-dbg>quit
> WineDbg terminated on pid 0xa
> [andrew at zeus Default]$

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