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Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 11:52:54 CST 2005

Robert Reif wrote:
> Tom Wickline wrote:
>> On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 22:17:28 +0100, Raphael <fenix at club-internet.fr> 
>> wrote:
>>> it will be perfect if we can have more specifics components:
>>> - wine-directx-dmusic
>>> - wine-directx-dsound
>>> - wine-directx-ddraw (old directx code < dx8)
>>> - wine-directx-d3d (new directx code >= dx8)
>> Could I also suggest....
>> -wine-directx-dshow
>> -wine-directx-dplay
> Don't forget dinput.

We now have the following components for directx in bugzilla.

wine-directx  		Obsolete (Use individualized components)

There are 156 bugs that use this as a component, So there is a little janitorial 
project for assigning these to the proper subcomponent. (Any volunteers?)

wine-directx-d3d 	New DirectX code >= dx8
wine-directx-ddraw 	Old DirectX code < dx8
wine-directx-dinput 	DirectX DInput
wine-directx-dmusic 	DirectX Music
wine-directx-dplay 	DirectX DPlay
wine-directx-dshow 	DirectX DShow
wine-directx-dsound 	DirectX sound

Ifthere is anything wrong with the descriptins or you find you need additional 
components then please let me know.



Tony Lambregts

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