Winston.exe or Elster-Formular

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun Mar 13 13:08:33 CST 2005

>>>>> "Dietrich" == Dietrich Teickner <dietrich_teickner at> writes:

    Dietrich> Has anyone tested "Winston" with wine ?  This is a replacement
    Dietrich> for the german tax-program "Elster".  If yes, how does the
    Dietrich> internet-connection works ?  Inside Odin(wine-for os\2)
    Dietrich> overwrites any os-function the WSALastError ( redirected
    Dietrich> LastError) with any LastError. I know Wine works in the same
    Dietrich> manner. After redirect the WSALastError to any Tls (only for
    Dietrich> test), "Winston" will work.

Can you elaborate more? Or perhaps create a testcase?

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