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Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Mar 14 03:46:49 CST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

>Hmm, I don't see why. You realise we can't write to the native registry
>yes? So using a native registry with the old code was equivalent to
>doing an import each time you started Wine. For the case where you
>install under Windows then run under Wine, you only need one import
>anyway. For cases where you change settings under Windows and expect
>them to be reflected in Wine but not vice-versa, then yes you'd have to
>use winecfg to reimport each time (but this is functionally equivalent
>and could be easily shell scripted).
The read only was a shortcoming, I did have a script in place that takes 
user changed keys from wine registry and integrates them back to main 
registry, on exit. I can't remember if it was you or someone else on the 
list who suggested this and I followed. What you propose is an order of 
a magnitude more CPU intensive, and when it hurts the most, on load 
time. Before I had a script run in the background after the user has 
left. The work was on a small Wine registry. Now you suggest work on a 
big Windows registry on load time of an application.

>We could probably use an environment variable, or auto-detect it in
Why not just map it directly into wine/wine/config: All the old config 
keys can be supported. Primary file is loaded in two stages. The default 
wine's system.reg is opened than if a LoadWindowsRegistryFiles is 
specified that registry is loaded in place, that is, merged into the 
existing registry. Other secondary files load in the same logic as 
before as stated by the wine/wine/config keys.
Winecfg at bootstrap (Installation) has a Windows-Less system.reg and 
boots fine. If we want to put up a GUI to configure these settings than 
a notice Just pops up that states that changes will take effect only 
after restart of Wineserver. But the GUI is not necessary. Just open 
system.reg text file and edit a couple of keys, just like config file 

If no one is working on this I could. Just let's agree on the final result.

I never understood the difficulty. We used to have a config file, than 
we opened up and loaded a registry file. And than we would map config 
file values into the live registry. Now we load up a Primary registry 
then optionally Map a second registry file into it.  It is even simpler 
than before.

>thanks -mike
Free Life

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