Ptrace problem on amd64? (Was: Re: Warcraft III can't find cdrom)

Thomas Zeeman tjzeeman at
Mon Mar 14 04:47:25 CST 2005

Hi Jesse,

On Sun, 13 Mar 2005 21:46:19 -0700, Jesse Allen <the3dfxdude at> wrote:
> they actually should be both exhibiting trouble on x86-64.  Also, Andi
> Kleen has made up x86-64 patches, but hasn't merged them because they
> are untested.  I offered to have them tested.  So perhaps I'll get
> access to an amd system or maybe Thomas Zeeman find out more.  I
> really haven't seen an amd system in action here.

So far it seems my memory wasn't all that good, because 2.6.4, 2.6.6
and 2.6.7 did not work. I'm working on some logs with relay and seh,
but relay seems to be failing on me with the latest wine release
(using wine's deb for 2005-03-10).

If you know where I can find the patches by Andy, I would be happy to
get them tested as well. I'm planning on doing some more testing next
weekend (including digging up my old, trusty p2; but only for SimCity,
W3 is too heavy) to figure out if it is a problem with wine, kernel,
the compatibility-layer for running 32-bit on x86_64 or even somewhere
in my config.


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