MSI: add property IDs for MSI summary information

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Mar 14 09:37:02 CST 2005

Juan Lang wrote:

>>+#define PID_DICTIONARY 0
>>+#define PID_CODEPAGE 1
>>+#define PID_TITLE 2
> Is it really like this in the PSDK?  Some of these are already defined in
> propidl.idl.

Yes, it's really in MsiDefs.h from the Windows Platform SDK.  It even 
undefines PID_SECURITY with a note that it's defined in objidl.h.

As far as I can tell, MSI also reimplements the property set storage 
code, as it makes no calls to the ole storage implementation of 
IPropertySetStorage.  Perhaps there is some subtle difference between 
the two implementations?  Or maybe they did that because 
IPropertySetStorage isn't available on earlier OLE implemenations?


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