MSI: add property IDs for MSI summary information

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Mar 14 09:49:33 CST 2005

--- Mike McCormack <mike at> wrote:
> Yes, it's really in MsiDefs.h from the Windows Platform SDK.


> As far as I can tell, MSI also reimplements the property set storage 
> code, as it makes no calls to the ole storage implementation of 
> IPropertySetStorage.  Perhaps there is some subtle difference between 
> the two implementations?  Or maybe they did that because 
> IPropertySetStorage isn't available on earlier OLE implemenations?

More likely the former, though I wouldn't hazard a guess as to why.  MS
allows you to reimplement these, they just provide a default impl.  It's
been around for quite a while, though, the best description I've found is
from 1993-1995, well before MSI:


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