[X11DRV] Fix X11 Device list leak

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Mon Mar 14 15:11:42 CST 2005


> Thanks for submitting this patch.
> These are exactly the fixes I was about to submit!

Nothing :)

> Your patch should should have a major impact on users of applications
> which use the wintab library: They should all start to function to some
> degree.

i hope so, waiting for users report now :)

> Apologies for not commenting on patch/ submitting a fix earlier....
> A major knee operation has put me out of action for the last few weeks.

Have a good recovery

> P.S. Please don't expect timely responses  to mails for at least
> another week.
> I'll try my best to respond, but can't promise anything.

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