IBM Acknowledges Wine! Offers bounty to port it to PPC64!

Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Mar 15 01:14:39 CST 2005

IBM has started a new contest meant to spur open source development on
their POWER architecture, 

Prizes are offered for coders that port some common open source
applications to the architecture.  A Tier 2 prize, a Mac G5, is offered
to anyone who can port one of the list of Tier 2 applications.

Color me shocked to find Wine and Winelib listed there!

This marks a change in IBMs policy towards Wine, or perhaps signals a
management oversight.  While normally it seems that they have an active
policy of censoring any references to Wine and completely denying its
existence, here they are offering prizes for porting it to PPC.

So, now, I guess, the obvious questions: Does Winelib even need any
porting?  Does it build on PPC as it is?  Can we run notepad and such on

Does any of the work done on porting to AMD64 help us here?

Scott Ritchie

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