[riched20/list.c] Exception in ME_DumpDocument

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 15 08:56:57 CST 2005


After I found that one of the files still contained a debugchannel for
riched20 (instead of richedit), I added both to see a trace (just for
the fun of it).

This however raised an exception in ME_DumpDocument:

trace:riched20:ME_DumpDocument Start
Paragraph(ofs=0) - StartRow - A-LOT-OF-TEXT
Paragraph(ofs=266) - StartRow - A-LOT-OF-TEXT
Paragraph(ofs=316) - StartRow - Run("L"\00b6"", 0)
wine_dbg_vprintf: debugstr buffer overflow (contents: 'A-LOT-OF-TEXT')
First chance exception: assertion failed in 32-bit code (0x001117a2).


=>1 0x001117a2 (0x00809b30)
  2 0x0027d882 (0x00809c5c)
  3 0x00157023 NTDLL_dbg_vprintf(format=0x112f5c48, args=0x809cd8) [/data/install/linux/wine-src/wine/dlls/ntdll/debugtools.c:267] in ntdll (0x00809c84)
  4 0x001570c8 NTDLL_dbg_vlog+0x44(cls=0x3, channel=0x112ff48c, function=0x112f5c38, format=0x112f5c48, args=0x809cd8) [/data/install/linux/wine-src/wine/dlls/ntdll/debugtools.c:303] in ntdll (0x00809ca0)
  5 0x0023f880 wine_dbg_log+0x28(cls=0x3, channel=0x112ff48c, func=0x112f5c38, format=0x112f5c48) [/data/install/linux/wine-src/wine/libs/wine/debug.c:234] in libwine.so.1 (0x00809cc0)
  6 0x112ebca6 ME_DumpDocument(buffer=0x7f370510) [list.c:174] in riched20 (0x00809ce8)


- Could the exception be because of the length of the TRACE string?
- Is there a particular reason for the 'different' debugchannel?
- Is ME_DumpDocument used just for debugging? The first line says:
  /* FIXME this is useless, */



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