IBM Acknowledges Wine! Offers bounty to port it to PPC64!

Jim White jim at
Tue Mar 15 13:39:45 CST 2005

Scott Ritchie wrote:

> So, now, I guess, the obvious questions: Does Winelib even need any
> porting?  Does it build on PPC as it is?  Can we run notepad and such on
> Linux/PPC?

Porting to PPC including some 64 bit issues has been done by Pierre 
d'Herbemont over the last couple years and the patches have been 
accepted.  That was done for Darwin/Mac OS X so I don't know whether it 
works for Linux/PPC.  Winelib works but I haven't yet heard from anyone 
who has even tried to make Wine/PPC work.  These are all "TO DO" items 
for the Darwine project ( and I am happy to see 
this platform get attention (the natives are clamoring to run their PC 
games on Mac OS X ;).

Jim White

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