IBM Acknowledges Wine! Offers bounty to port it to PPC64!

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Mar 15 19:16:59 CST 2005

> With that said, I believe I'm talking in a area where I'm really not
> up to speed on what has taken place in the past. So it would be best
> for me at this time to "apologize" if my last statement was incorrect
> and do some reading before I post on this subject in the future..

Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel like you'd done anything wrong;
I'm just sensitive on the subject.  I've long thought that IBM
and Wine were a natural strategic fit, and have long worked to
persuade IBM of that.  Unfortunately, the best I've ever gotten from IBM
is indifference, and I've had several major deals killed because IBMers
spread FUD about Wine.  Those deals would have allowed us to pump some
major energy into Wine, so imho, IBM has thus far had a substantial
negative impact on Wine.  (This is sad, because so many individuals
at IBM have been very personally supportive of Wine).

But that's mostly my problem; my wishing that IBM would do what I
think they should is almost as fruitless as hoping that Alexandre
will accept my well documented patches...<grin>



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